Divorced man buys house next door and has this erected in ex-wifes honor. Lol #moveON

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Daily News hit the nail on the head!! Lol #GeorgeZimmerman

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Check out the names of the dishes at Amy Ruth’s in Harlem. #soulfood #Harlem

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Just had the opportunity to have an intimate conversation with the recently appointed NYPD Chief Phillip Banks III at the Historic Jumel Mansion here in Washington Heights. I never imagined that I would leave this meeting so inspired and hopeful. I have so much to share about what he had to say and what I expressed to him (no surprise there). Happy that my position as a Board Member afforded me this opportunity. #whin #Community #NYPD #cb12Man

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Ladies go to Huffington Post and find this article!! It talks about how men attempt to absolve themselves from responsibility in relationships by calling women “crazy”. It goes into the historical aspects of where this comes from. Can you believe it has something to do with your Uterus? I want to know your thoughts on this. Very interesting indeed. The cat is out the bag fellas!!! #truth #relationships #men #women #manipulation

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It is true that often showing a person how you feel is where its at but so many people’s THOUGHTS, WORDS and DEEDS simply don’t match. Also, certain actions or statements can not be clarified without a thorough explanation. You want to win me over? The pathway to my heart is through my ears. Everything else is an accessory. #talktome

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I am so tickled by this!! Love my Nene @jaymil51 always and forever. :-)

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At the Heights Kids Cinema Fest with @jaymil51 @luna0816 and Edwin!! #WHIN

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At the “Washington Heights Children and Young People’s Film Festival” they even have a clown and face painting! Happening now and all day on 168th between Broadway and Fort Washington in the Black Building. #whin #Community #youth

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Today on 168th there is a FREE “Washington Heights Children & Young People’s Film Festival” from 2pm - 9pm. Go to www.facebook.com/KidCinemaFest or www.KidCinemaFest.com to learn more. Hope to see as many of your and your children’s faces there!! Don’t miss out!! #Community #youth #WHIN

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At the “Washington Heights Children & Young People’s Film Festival” Screening of the movie “Reject” which is about social rejection and the impact it has on people. As someone who advocates against bullying I’m looking forward to seeing this film. #NYC #Community #WHIN #bullying

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This is what happens when you wake up and hit the street before the drunks go to bed. #FREECOMEDY #NYC

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Just learned Jamil is one of 1,200 students selected out of 14,800 students of 9 cities for 640 scholarships ranging from $140,000 up to $200,000+. Since Posse began they have given over $550 Million to students and 97% have achieved obtaining their degree. The NY Director stated she is proud to be looking at the room of so many students of all different races which will become leaders in high-level positions across the country after graduation. So happy he has this opportunity. Pray for us and pass this website on to another child for next year..www.possefoundation.org

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Courage and timing… #sokagakkai #SGI #buddhism

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Courage and timing are essential. #sokagakkai #SGI #buddhism

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